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Jillian Link, Therapist Thursdays: Conversations with a Skin Therapist

October 3, 2019

In the world of a professional skin therapist, each day is a little different and so are the skins we treat. Even the journey in the business of skin looks a different for everyone, which gives us our own unique and special story to tell. This episode of Therapist Thursdays takes us to Northern Kentucky where we chat with Jillian Link, Skin Therapist at Hand & Stone in Crescent Springs. Jillian's positive energy is the perfect dose of good vibes we all need while working in the treatment room. From cosmetologist to professional skin therapist, she shares her own personal success and struggles with acneic skin and making a major shift in her career from owner to corporate employee. Our conversation is best described as fresh, raw and real as we cover a myriad of topics from education, the value of being a Dermalogica Expert and the importance of simply being kind.

About Jillian Link:

Jillian is a Licensed Master Cosmetologist with a successful career as a Professional Skin Therapist. Born and raised in Paris, Kentucky she now lives in Northern Kentucky and works at Hand & Stone as Lead Esthetician and a Dermalogica Expert. According to Jillian, "I fell in love with skin care because of my problem skin and Dermalogica was the first skin care line that addressed my problems. The more I worked with it, the more I obsessed over it. I dove head first into educating myself and becoming an expert."

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